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Sun Rise Therapyltd
Monique Sundlie & Associates

Registered Clinical Social Worker RCSW (AB)
Specializing in:

Registered Clinical Sexologist
Relationship Specialist
Ethical Feminist Non-Monogamous Life Styles
Skilled Psychedelic Prep. & Integration
Mindfullness-based Psychedleic Therapy
Cannabis- Assisted Psychotherapy (CAPT)
Conscious Cannabis Ceremony
Clinical Social Work Supervision
Adults and Mature Teens
Lie Detection Services
Therapeutic Intuitive
Trauma Specialist

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Welcome to Sun Rise Therapy

Operating since January 2015, Sun Rise Therapy Ltd. specializes in Clinical Sex Therapy, Ethical Feminist Non-Monogamous LifeStyles, Adult  Transgender Care, Sexual Trauma, Couples Therapy,  Certified Advanced EMDR, Ego State Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Meditation , Impacts of Workplace and Personal Trauma and Indigenous Issues, Psychedelic Psychotherapy, and Cannabis Meditation Ceremonies. I am a Registered Clinical Supervisor for Registered Social Workers and I consult with agencies for Clinical Supervision and provide agency training.

Please use email only to contact Monique at

Located at West Edmonton, Alberta

Office Address will be provided once client has been registered and appointment is confirmed

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Please use email to contact

Monique Sundlie @ Sun Rise Therapy Ltd.    FAX: 825 201 9144

Office Location: West Edmonton

Office address will be provided once registered as a client on Jane App

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