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Therapy Services and Specializations

Workplace, Personal, and Complex Trauma
Relationship Specialist
Clinical Sex Therapist
Mindfulness-based Psychdeleic Therapist
Trauma Therapy 

Sexual Abuse and Violence
Sexual Function & Dysfunction
Sex & Porn Addiction
Indigenous Issues
Transgender Care Specialist (adults only)

Bi-Sexual Allied
Queer Self Acceptance- Coming Out
Complex - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
EMDR Advanced Practice Certification
Ego State Therapy
NIHB - Mental Health Provider
Aquatera - Mental Health Provider
Internal Family Systems (IFS) 
Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy (EFT)
Emotionally Focussed Individual therapy (EFIT)
Treating Insomnia w/CBT & EMDR
Treating Headaches w/CBT & EMDR
EMDR/EMDR 2.0 (Intensive)/FLASH

Life Span Integration
Group Therapy
Online Therapy
Life Coaching 
PACT Level 2 Couples Therapy
Dissociative Disorders
Somatic Processing
Board Certified Clinical Sex Therapist
Clinical Social Work Supervision
Addictions Assessment and Treatment
Mindfullness Meditations
Early Trauma Treatment
Psychedelic Integration
Healing Cannabis Meditation Ceremonies
Psychedelic Cannabis Facilitation Sitter/Guide/Therapy
Endogenous DMTx Facilitation Sitter/Guide/Therapy
Psychedelic Sitter - Harm Reduction Model
DMTx Breathwork Facilitation
PTSD Healing Intensives (EMDR, IFS, Breathwork, Somatic Processing, Art Therapy, Movement, Tantra and Mindfulness-Based Psychodelic Therapy)

Healing Psychedelic Retreats.
End of Life Preparation - Harm Reduction Model
Psychedelic Intention Setting Preparation Integration
Medicine Wheel Intention Setting
Therapeutic Intuitive


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